Join a one-to-one Live English class to further develop your English through a private class

This online private English class will allow you to get some one-to-one support from our highly qualified TopUp Learning teachers, you can use this class to your advantage to enhance your English skills and create a great focus on your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills at your own pace.

The benefits of one-to-one Live English and what to expect:

  • 55 minutes private tutoring session with our qualified English language tutors.
  • Any time and any level, the focus is on your learning
  • Upon request you can receive an individual study plan that is best suited for you
  • Focus on your pronunciation, grammar and expansion of your vocabulary
  • Developing an accent with practice

When choosing one-to-one, our teachers will create a lesson that is suitable for your English level, skills and learning ability to allow you to fully take advantage of this experience.
You can also use this session for your tutor to proof-read any writing you have done, to receive feedback, to analyse your English skills and to help you understand what you are learning.

Whether your focus for taking an online English course is to develop your skills for travel/work or study, our tutors will ensure you make the most of your class time with them and help you to improve in your Live Group English classes with us in order for you to get the best results.

super teen english course

55 minutes of live class
All levels
Homework and Progress Report
Access to Talk 24 and Live Reception
Certificate of completion

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