Pre-Intermediate Live Group Lessons (2 Days, 16 Lessons, 8 Weeks)

Who is this course for?

Whether you want to learn English for further study, expanding career opportunities, travel abroad or simply to improve your general English skills such as speaking and pronunciation, reading and writing, this LIVE online English offers you a premium learning experience that let you practise all aspects of English skills and with a class size of maximum of 10 students, you will get that individual attention to enhance your English proficiency.

What’s included?

  • 1 Lesson per day (55 minutes session)
  • Live Group English classes
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Homework
  • Interactive platform to allow interactive learning experience
  • Progress report (12 weeks and above enrolment)
  • 2 days per week
  • Virtual classroom
  • Online learning resources
  • Free access to Talk 24 Speaking Club
  • Personalised study plan (12 weeks and above enrolment
  • Achieve certified results as you learn, all our English lessons are aligned with the CEFR framework and accredited by British Council

What to expect?

  • This course is designed for those who are wanting to improve their English speaking, reading, writing and listening through a fun and interactive online learning environment.
  • The class will consist of students with the same level of skill-sets ensuring that everyone gets the same learning experience appropriately.
  • Our teachers at TopUp Learning will give equal opportunities to all students in the class to share their opinions and knowledge on the topics in order for all students to have a chance at practicing and developing their skills.
  • For more speaking practice, check out our Talk24
  • This online class will provide opportunities to improve the necessary English skills needed to succeed in your career, work/travel or academic pathways.

How Can We Help TopUp your English skills?

Through our virtual classroom we give the learning opportunity to you to learn on the go. With online courses comes new learning opportunities, the chance to give you the necessary environment on a virtual platform to enhance your skills. TopUp Learning gives you the chance to challenge and develop your English language skills with a communicative live group English course in a fun and interactive class. Whether English is your first language or you are learning English as a second language, this course will create a basis for your English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. With encouragement and support from our most highly-trained teachers at TopUp Learning you will gain the confidence to socialise and engage in the English language. Online learning can be a flexible method for you to safely learn English from the comfort of your home and advance by engaging and communicating with fellow classmates.

This course includes:

2 hours of live classes per week

Pre-Intermediate level

Homework and Progress Report

Access to Talk 24 and Live Reception

Certificate of Participation

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