Enrol your child to an online course and enhance their English skills

What is included?

  • Starter True Beginner Class (Level 0)
  • 2 days a week
  • 1 Lesson per day (55 minute session) 
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Virtual classroom
  • Fun and interactive group online learning

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What to expect?

  • The Level 0 Kids English course is suited for true beginner aged between 5-11 years old.
  • Kids English course will help improve your child’s english speaking, reading, writing and listening whilst enhancing their skills and giving confidence to communicate.
  • This online course will allow children to interact and engage with other classmates and tutors with an entertaining and flexible way for children to study, providing a safe environment to improve their language skills.

How can we help TopUp your kid’s English skills? 

Through our virtual classroom we give the learning opportunity to children who are ready to learn on the go. With online courses comes new learning opportunities, the chance to give your child the necessary environment on a virtual platform to enhance their skills. TopUp Learning gives your Child the chance to challenge and develop their English language with a communicative group live Kids English course in a fun and interactive class. Whether English is your child’s first language or learning English as a second language, this course will create a basis for your child’s English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. With encouragement and support from our highly-trained teachers at TopUp Learning your child will gain the confidence to socialise and engage in the English language. Online learning can be a flexible method for your child to safely learn English from the comfort of your home and advance by engaging and communicating with fellow classmates. 


2 hours of live classes per week Level 0 Interactive Classes Mixed Nationality Certificate of completion

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