TOEFL® Master – Practice in the 4 skills + TOEFL® simulation

Prepare yourself comprehensively in the four skills tested on the exam: speaking, writing, reading and listening, and take a full simulation of the test. 72 hours later, you will receive a full report with projected scores for each assessed skill, a detailed explanation of the meaning of your score, and tips for improvement. In addition, you will know your language level according to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference.

The oral and written assessment is reviewed by TOEFL® and Cambridge certified teachers. This program includes the TOEFL® Basic Practice module and a simulation of a 4-hour TOEFL® exam, which you can take in full, evaluating all 4 skills, or partial, one at a time.
For 1 Year you can practice with more than 1,400 questions, similar to those of the official test, with an emphasis on the skills of the exam:

  1. Oral: 120 questions, equivalent to 20 complete TOEFL® practice skill tests.
  2. Writing: 60 questions, equivalent to 30 complete TOEFL® practice tests of the skill.
  3. Reading: 800+ questions, equivalent to 16 complete TOEFL® practice tests of reading skill.
  4. Auditory: 400+ questions, equivalent to 10 complete TOEFL® practice listening tests.
  5. Full simulation: An unbeatable plan for those who want to practice exam-like questions and simulate a real test, at a moderate price.

1 Complete TOEFL® Simulation
150+ Hours of Adaptive Practice


  • 900 Reading Practice questions
  • 400 Listening Practice questions
  • 120 Speaking Practice questions (20 of each type)
  • 60 Writing Practice questions (30 of each type)
  • High-scoring sample responses for each Writing and Speaking Practice question
  • 1 Complete TOEFL® Simulation
  • Personalized Score Report within 72 hours
  • Speaking and Writing Evaluations done by TOEFL® Certified Professors
  • Projected TOEFL® Scores and CEFR Levels
  • Modularized simulations for each skill

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