TOEIC – The Test of English for International Communication

Intermediate level (B1)

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) accepted and trusted by more than 14,000 organisations in more than 160 countries (according to TOEIC website). This course is suitable for those who want to take the TOEIC test and use the outcome to demonstrate their language skills to employers.

The TOEIC Exam consists of two papers – Speaking & Writing and Listening & Reading

Speaking & Writing

This test focuses on everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions used in the work place environment in the form of responses to real world questions and scenarios in spoken and written language.

Listening & Reading

This test focuses on listening and reading skills in the workplace.  There are two hundred multiple choice questions to be answered in two hours.

TOEIC classes, practising all the skills above, take place on Saturday from 10am to 1pm UK time (three lessons of 55 minutes each)

You can enrol for up to 24 weeks to complete this course

Entry level: B1 (Intermediate)

Add a General English course if you have time to study more seriously.

What’s included?

  • Saturday class from 10am to 1pm – 3 lessons
  • Live Group English classes
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • Homework
  • Interactive platform to allow interactive learning experience
  • Progress report (12 weeks and above enrolment)
  • Intermediate Level (B1)
  • Virtual classroom
  • Online learning resources
  • Free access to Talk 24 Speaking Club
  • Personalised study plan (12 weeks and above enrolment
  • Achieve certified results as you learn, all our English lessons are aligned with the CEFR framework and accredited by British Council

How Can We Help TopUp your English skills?

Through our virtual classroom we give the learning opportunity to you to learn on the go. With online courses comes new learning opportunities, the chance to give you the necessary environment on a virtual platform to enhance your skills. TopUp Learning gives you the chance to challenge and develop your English language skills with a communicative live group English course in a fun and interactive class. Whether English is your first language or you are learning English as a second language, this course will create a basis for your English speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. With encouragement and support from our most highly-trained teachers at TopUp Learning you will gain the confidence to socialise and engage in the English language. Online learning can be a flexible method for you to safely learn English from the comfort of your home and advance by engaging and communicating with fellow classmates.

This course includes:

3 hours of live classes per week​

Intermediate (B1)​

Homework and Progress Report

Access to Talk 24 and Live Reception

Certificate of Participation

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